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About Destiny Image Films

Who We Are:

Destiny Image Films is a division of Nori Media Group, founded in 1983 (as Destiny Image Inc.) by Don and Cathy Nori. The Nori Media Group has a 30+ year history of building business partnerships into a strong and formidable distribution network, both domestically and internationally.

Earlier this decade, the Nori Media Group transitioned to the second generation of the Nori family. Part of the transition led to the aggressive expansion into all avenues of media distribution. Destiny Image Films is a product of this expansion. In 2010, Destiny Image Films partnered with Trost Moving Pictures and The Narrative Television Network to produce two feature films. Their first film, “A Christmas Snow,” was released in October 2010. The second film, “The Lamp,” wrapped principal photography in September 2010. Since then Destiny Image Films has been steadily acquiring new films.

What We Do:

Destiny Image Films endeavors to tell inspirational stories that will touch and change lives. We partner with film makers to produce top quality feature films. We then package the films for the world-wide market, distributing to mainstream retail outlets, mass merchants, independent video and bookstores, domestic and international broadcasting markets, video-on-demand, streaming and rental markets. In essence, we get your story in front of the audience that needs to see it!

Destiny Image Films is always looking for artists with a story to tell and producers who capture the vision with the expertise to make a top quality feature film! Any production done by Destiny Image Films is sure to be high quality entertainment….with a purpose! By taking stories that are powerful, in their own right, and adding the drama, passion, and emotion that is involved when turning it into a top rate production, Destiny Image Films is able to distribute movies that inspire, touch and change lives forever.

Why We Do It:

We strive to provide wholesome family entertainment without sacrificing the quality that is expected from major studio productions.

Where We Do It:

Destiny Image Films is located in south-central Pennsylvania at the corporate headquarters (and central distribution center) of Destiny Image Inc. By owning our own physical distribution facility, we are able to meet the demands of the ever changing and always expanding retail market whether through brick and mortar placements or through online sales channels.