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Freedom Fighter

Rev. Majed El Shafie was arrested, tortured and sentenced to die in Egypt because of his faith. Escaping to Israel, he was imprisoned until his eventual release a year and a half later. Today Rev. Majed lives in Canada and fights for those persecuted around the world. Pressuring governments, and challenging both world and spiritual leaders, Majed has not been afraid to put everything on the line to help those in need, including his life.

Freedom Fighter is an attempt to show the world what is happening to the Christians and other minorities in places where extremism, hate and fear seem to have all the power, with no one to challenge them. This documentary follows the efforts of Rev. Majed and his organization One Free World International over a four year period, as he travels to Pakistan and Afghanistan to investigate claims of abuse, persecution and slavery. You will also witness the horrific story of what happened to a little girl and her family in Pakistan and Rev. Majed’s fight to save their lives.

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